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Gemfish - Delicate & Firm
Nowadays Gemfish is fished mainly off the East and North Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, although it is more common in the South.
Gemfish has good Omega-3. Traditionally it is more of a winter fish.
Gemfish is a delicately textured fish but is also firm. It has a sharp white colour and a distinctive flavour. This is a very versatile fish and perfect for many types of cooking.
  • Best methods of cooking include: baking, barbecuing, marinating (try our Naturally Nelson Marinades - yum!), poaching, smoking, and frying.  
  • Recommended for fish cakes, it also has a good texture for curries.
  • Deep frying and poaching help keep the flesh moist. 
  • Gemfish is ideal for stir-frying with vegetables and strongly flavoured sauces. Coat chunks of fish with a mixture of beaten egg, sherry and soy. Grill and add to the stir-fried vegetables.
  • We also enjoy crumbing our Gemfish and for those with gluten allergies we have gluten-free crumbs in store. 
  • Grilled Gemfish is best served with your favourite Sauvignon Blanc, Stir-fried gemfish will suit a Chenin Blanc.