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Ribaldo - how to buy, prepare and cook

Ribaldo is a deep sea fish with a year-round season. The fish is very white, firm with a mild flavour and a soft, moist texture. It tastes like Blue Cod! The fillets can be thick so cut them into serving-size portions to allow even cooking.

Any cooking method is suitable for Ribaldo, e.g. baked, steamed, pan-fried, bbqed, grilled, deep-fried, poached, curried and casseroled.
Team Ribaldo! Partner this fish with any of the following... butter, olive oil, citrus, chilli, garlic, dill, parsley, French tarragon, and thyme. 

Top Tip: Try it pan-fried or bbqed with Mustardmakers Tarragon & Garlic Mustard and salad (in store now).