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Walnut Oil - 6 Ways to Wow Your Guests

  • Walnut oil is lovely as a drizzle - grill fish then drizzle with walnut oil just before serving for a nutty flavour. 
  • Drizzle Ravioli with walnut oil, and season with salt, pepper, and freshly grated Parmesan.
  • Roast red onions, beetroots, and garlic in the oven with olive oil. Season to taste with white vinegar (see in store), salt & pepper and walnut oil. Cool to serve.
  • Walnut oil is perfect for salad dressings which are as a rule 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil - mix cider vinegar (or lemon juice) with 1/2 walnut oil and 1/2 olive oil. Add to salad leaves with chopped walnuts and grapes.
  • Try Walnut Oil in dessert recipes - adds a nutty flavour.